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Laptop, smartphone, printer,... always the latest technology

High-quality, powerful and reliable technology is essential in the office. After all, modern office equipment with the latest technology (tablets, notebooks, laptops, etc.) is the basis for a professional working environment and can increase productivity enormously.

However, these supposedly smaller purchases also put a strain on the liquidity and balance sheet of companies of all sizes. Loans and classic leasing promise supposedly small installments, but block flexibility and are usually associated with various additional costs in the fine print. In particular, start-ups and self-employed individuals do not have a large financial cushion when setting up a company and usually receive little support from traditional banks.

FLEX leasing is the perfect solution here. Adapted to commercial customers and small devices the Flex rent offers a balance free, tax-refunding and flexible solution, in order to work carefree with new devices.

Whether at the desktop in an open-plan office with telephone boxes and tea kitchen, with Apple MacBook and iPhone in the agency, or as an influencer with a tablet between café and home office... Flexvelop enables you and your company to work optimally with individual hardware.

Innovations in the technology market create new opportunities, but also require hardware upgrades.

With the FLEX rental, Flexvelop offers a worry-free and flexible financing solution to take over exactly these investments in IT and EDP equipment.

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All the advantages. A FLEX rental.

Business. Equipment. Growth.

Business. Equipment. Growth.

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Lightning closure paperless in seconds: In the online store / in the store / by e-mail.

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Always work safely with new equipment: Equipment insurance included.

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Rent / Buy / Return: Flexible decision at any time.

Tax savings

Receive the majority of the rent back from tax (100% business expense).

Credit & Shoofree

The balance sheet remains attractive for banks : This creates room for important loans.


Start without acquisition costs: Grow with optimized cash flow.

Flexvelop enables companies to rentnew equipment flexibly over the long term .‍

This means that commercial customers can work with professional equipment immediately and later decide flexibly whether and when is the best time to buy or return it.

Flexvelop takes over the invoice and thus the investment risk, so that companies' balance sheets remain free and attractive for banks.

Thanks to the small FLEX rent and effective tax savings, the company account remains maximally liquid and cash flow is optimized.

In addition, Flexvelop automatically insures the equipment at its own cost, enabling carefree growth with the latest technology.

This is why Flexing is already the recommended payment option for many retailers.

Flash completion

Rent flexible in seconds

How does it work?

Simply approach the salesperson on the store floor / click on the "Flex button" in the online store / or have the retailer send you an e-mail offer.

Only the following data is required for the automatic conclusion of the contract:
Name, address, bank details.

After just one click, the Flex contract is immediately concluded without paper.
Already done.

Flexvelop now automatically takes over the invoice from the dealer so that the equipment can be used directly in operations.

The term remains flexible throughout:
- Purchase & return option at any time after 9 months
- Automatic monthly renewal until a decision is made

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Flexvelop Runtime Desktop

Growth partner for trades of all kinds

Business equipment

Basically, all new equipment between 300,- and 20.000,- EUR equipment price is flexable via our affiliated partner dealers.

Whether laptop, coffee machine or chainsaw - with the FLEX payment option, all business customers can immediately work worry-free.

Your desired dealer does not know us yet? No problem!

Simply send us an e-mail
with the listed devices and dealers of your choice and we will send you the corresponding offers immediately.

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