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For freelancers, solo self-employed and freelancers, financing through traditional partners is often a nightmare. Either you are rejected across the board or you have to fight your way through countless applications and checks only to get an inflexible contract. Especially for self-employed people who want to remain agile and need to have their backs free, this process is a major hurdle. Long terms, time-consuming bookkeeping and additional costs in the fine print rob energy and creativity.

No more of that. With Flexvelop you get everything in seconds in one installment!

With Flexvelop, self-employed and freelancers can also work flexibly and uncomplicatedly, without annoying paperwork and grow without worries.

We assume the investment risk of the high acquisition costs. There's no room for fine print or long contract terms that could slow you down.

With Flexvelop, everything is in one simple rate that is the same for all customers.

The camera or laptop is no longer up to date? No problem, with our purchase and return option you always remain flexible.

Our system simply checks your private credit score. But don't worry! There is no Schufa entry, because Flexvelop is not a loan, but only a "classic" rent. Also, we don't need a business certificate or any other paperwork. The check is done automatically within a few seconds based on your name and address. Done.

Convince yourself and flex your new equipment easily with Flexvelop, your growth partner.

Get started right away!

Desired device

Arrange a personal meeting with our sales team.
Or, even easier, simply send us the link to your desired device via our desired device form, regardless of the dealer. You will receive an individual offer directly, which you can complete in a few seconds.
Request desired device

Flash completion

Rent new equipment in seconds

Select FLEX-MIETE as payment option

Simply approach seller:in on the store floor / click on the "Flex button" in the online store / or have an e-mail offer sent to you.

Only name, address, bank details and ID card are required for the automated conclusion of the contract.

After 9 months, purchase & return option at any time

Flexvelop takes over the invoice and the costs of the insurance, so that the equipment can be used immediately.

From now on, your company can flexibly decide for itself if and when is the best time to buy or return the equipment.

Important: The longer the rental period, the smaller the remaining purchase price.

Returned devices are fed into the circular economy

Until a decision is made, the contract is simply renewed on a monthly basis, so that your business can work worry-free and without a subscription trap.

Sustainable added value

Contribution to
Circular Economy

Returned equipment is refurbished by our partners and fed into the circular economy . This extends the life cycle of the individual devices, generates less waste and conserves resources.

In this way, companies can grow sustainably with the latest technology in two senses.