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The FinTech company from Hamburg.
Open-minded. Transparent. Solid.


Hanseatic innovation

Flexvelop is not a bank. Flexing is not leasing. Flexing is the future.

Our dynamic team - a fusion of Hanseatic business tradition, passionate tech enthusiasts and visionary creatives - is revolutionizing the financing of business equipment.

This is because conventional approaches such as leasing, rental or loan financing were originally developed for the acquisition of large and high-priced investments such as machinery, vehicle fleets or real estate.

For individual smaller purchases, one solution was chosen over another, depending on whether the flexibility of renting, the transparent crediting of a loan or the tax, cash flow and balance sheet advantages of leasing were required.

By bringing together the best elements of leasing, rental and credit in our unique 'Flexen' financing model, we offer a tailor-made solution that is precisely tailored to the requirements of modern companies.

The result? A game-changer that continuously combines flexible terms, intelligent conditions and automated processes in such a way that 'Flexen' has become the gold standard even for companies that could afford the equipment entirely without financing.

Flexen thus goes far beyond the mere financing function and enables companies to grow worry-free with a double bottom, to work with optimal technology and to always be future-oriented.

In our own words:

Our mission is to enable companies of all sizes to grow seamlessly with the best business equipment. With Flexvelop, they have the freedom to try new things, equip their teams optimally and react agilely to market changes - all based on the solid principles of Hanseatic respectability and sophisticated technology. Practical innovation "made in Hamburg".

Our mantra: Grow pro! Flex Digga!
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[ ˈflɛksn ̩]

clever verb

always work cost-effectively with the latest business equipment and grow flexibly

Our office

Flexing under thatch

We have the great honor and pleasure of being able to use a very special building in Hamburg as our office. The listed Halbmondhaus on the Elbchaussee was originally a stable building built in 1796, which was extensively renovated in 2021 and has now been restored to its original splendor.

Where once individual horsepower stood in the stalls, there is now concentrated flex power.
The Hamburg merchant's virtues have been preserved on the property to this day.

Just a stone's throw from the Elbe, we welcome our business partners at any time.

Remines Crescent Hamburg OtmarschenRemines Crescent Hamburg Otmarschen

The team

Don't talk for long. Do.

Small but mighty. In our core family team, the code does most of the work so that we can focus on developing Flexen further every day.

This is probably the best proof that our digital processes not only work smoothly for our customers and retailers, but also for ourselves internally.

When selecting new team members, we apply the principle of "character before qualifications". Although qualifications and awards are often available, they are of no interest to anyone.

What counts for us is the enjoyment of the work and the reliability of each individual.

Flexvelop Team Member Hans-Christian Stockfisch
LinkedIn Icon Grey Flexvelop

Dr. Hans-Christian Stockfisch, MBA

CEO | Co-Founder

As a Hanseatic businessman, Hans ensures that everyone can rely on a "digital handshake quality".

Flexvelop Team Member Ephraim RobbeLinkedIn Icon Grey Flexvelop
Dr. Ephraim
Robbe, CFA

CFO | Co-Founder

As a master of numbers, Ephraim is always looking for new ways to get our solution even cheaper for you.

Flexvelop Team Member Marvin NelleLinkedIn Icon Grey Flexvelop
Nelle, MBA


Marvin is always available for our dealers and provides support with joint sales.

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It's the inner values that count - and what's good on the inside may also look that way on the outside.

Inga Stave Flexvelop MemberLinkedIn Icon Grey Flexvelop

Growth Manager

Inga inspires new retailers every day and puts her heart and soul into her work.

Moritz Marquaß Flexvelop TeamLinkedIn Icon Grey Flexvelop

Head of Backoffice

Is fast even faster?
Moritz optimizes the processes in the background.

Ralf Gemlin Flexvelop TeamLinkedIn Icon Grey Flexvelop
Gmelin, MBA


Strong and sustainable growth!
But not at any price.

Hasan Özdemir Flexvelop TeamLinkedIn Icon Grey Flexvelop

Growth Manager

With the best experience from the gastronomy, Hasan convinces with charm and expertise.

Flexvelop Team Member Lucien Sperl


From the idea to the code: Our all-rounder in Hamburg.

Flexvelop Team Member Florian GaabLinkedIn Icon Grey Flexvelop
Florian Gaab,
M.Sc. & M.C.Sc.


Florian speaks three languages:
Flex. Business. Code.

Sebastian Deutsch CTO Flexvelop

IT sparring

Our mastermind Sebastian keeps our technology robust, secure and scalable.

Alexander Dorn Flexvelop Member

Senior Developer

In the shallows of the code, Alex takes care of the automation of any process.

Flexvelop Team Member Florian GaabLinkedIn Icon Grey Flexvelop

Back office

Washed with all waters, no task remains unsolved with Alexei.

Flexvelop Team Member Bianca MaackLinkedIn Icon Grey Flexvelop

Support Manager

Sales wizard Bianca, helps our dealers with a smile to their first Flex contract.

Vera Kaldenbach Flexvelop Team Member

Senior Developer

Our expert Vera develops the best features for our retailers.

Ursula Chang Flexvelop Team Member

Senior Developer

We have an idea: Ursula implements it. A coder who can do everything.

Bao Quoc

Back office

Bao has an eye for detail and ensures that invoices and delivery bills are correct.

Working students

Create added value

You want to learn, design, flex? Then apply with pleasure!

Flexvelop Team Photo 2023
Flexen Digga lettering neonHans-Christian Stockfisch stands on sofa
Flexvelop group photo teambldFlexvelop Office Half Moon Way
Marvin and Inga Espresso Society
Flexvelop at 9elements


Show responsibility


Flexvelop is involved as a member and sponsor in various organizations to promote a free, social and sustainable economy.

A particular concern is to support start-ups in demonstrating their own potential with the best equipment.

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