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New devices for companies

In a competitive environment, investing is the key to staying ahead.

But the investment costs unnecessarily slow down most businesses. Even individual small devices put pressure on the available budget in the mass and burden the balance sheet.

In addition, it may not even be certain yet whether the new trainees will stay and whether their laptops will then still be needed. Or whether the new coffee machine is too big, too small, too noisy, or simply doesn't make good coffee. That's why more and more companies are turning to rental models to remain flexible.

Flexvelop offers an all-round carefree package. With no hidden costs in the fine print, new equipment can simply be "flexed" immediately and thus rented flexibly over the long term.

In contrast to existing financing solutions, a contract is concluded fully automatically in seconds, without additional costs and with maximum flexibility in the term and final purchase or return decision.

Effective tax advantages and efficient cost structures optimize cash flow and keep the focus where it should be: In day-to-day business and in growth.

Loans and leasing were yesterday. Now you can finally flex new equipment in a smart and modern way.

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Desired device

Arrange a personal meeting with our sales team.
Or, even easier, simply send us the link to your desired device via our desired device form, regardless of the dealer. You will receive an individual offer directly, which you can complete in a few seconds.
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Flash completion

Rent new equipment in seconds

Select FLEX-MIETE as payment option

Simply approach seller:in on the store floor / click on the "Flex button" in the online store / or have an e-mail offer sent to you.

Only name, address, bank details and ID card are required for the automated conclusion of the contract.

After 9 months, purchase & return option at any time

Flexvelop takes over the invoice and the costs of the insurance, so that the equipment can be used immediately.

From now on, your company can flexibly decide for itself if and when is the best time to buy or return the equipment.

Important: The longer the rental period, the smaller the remaining purchase price.

Returned devices are fed into the circular economy

Until a decision is made, the contract is simply renewed on a monthly basis, so that your business can work worry-free and without a subscription trap.

Sustainable added value

Contribution to
Circular Economy

Returned equipment is refurbished by our partners and fed into the circular economy . This extends the life cycle of the individual devices, generates less waste and conserves resources.

In this way, companies can grow sustainably with the latest technology in two senses.