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36 months full service offer.

Added value for your customers.
More value for you.

All advantages in one rate


Renting a new FLEX power tool is quick, easy and paperless? This is now possible for craft businesses of all sizes.

This way, all trade customers can work directly with the best professional power tools from FLEX-Tools and the whole thing is flexible, fully insured and, above all, sustainable!

Thanks to the low rental fee and the effective tax savings, the company account remains maximally liquid and the cash flow is optimized!

And the best: You bear no risk! FLEXVELOP pays the full purchase price - you simply pay the flex rental.

Flash completion

Paperless in seconds. Everywhere and at any time.


Always work safely with new equipment: Equipment insurance included.


Rent / Buy / Return: Flexible decision at any time.

Tax savings

Get most of the rent back from tax (100% business expense).

Credit & Shoofree

The balance sheet remains free and attractive for banks without burdening the own credit rating.


Start without acquisition costs: Grow with optimized cash flow.

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Flexvelop x FLEX Tools

FLEX power combined!

With FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH, we have gained a renowned manufacturer of power tools for 100 years as a new partner. With high-quality tools and a full-service offering, FLEX-Tools is a popular choice for professional craftsmen.
For us, this is a big step into another new industry.

FLEX-Tools already recommends Flexvelop as an innovative and custom-fit financing solution. The simple and fast customer journey convinces business customers, whether they need a single angle grinder or a large collective order.

In addition, there are exclusive packages that can only be offered through the FLEX payment option.

We are very excited about this new partnership and can finally offer a Flex from FLEX to "Flexen". What more could you ask for!

For dealers & customers

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1. insert link to the desired device into the form.
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2. send inquiry and receive flex offer by mail.
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Register briefly and accept the offer. If your credit rating is positive, we will order your desired device immediately.
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As soon as your device arrives, the flex rental starts and your business can get off to a flexible start.
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