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Flexvelop takes over the bill.

Added value for your customers.
More value for you.

Winning new customers sustainably

Added value:

Demand for subscription, rental and "Buy now. Pay later." models and sustainable solutions is increasing, especially among small and young corporate customers.

Medium-sized companies have always relied on leasing models in order to grow balance sheet-free, liquid and with tax advantages.

The FLEX payment function goes even further: With Flexvelop, your customers can work quickly and easily with professional equipment .

At the same time, Flexvelop assumes the investment risk. Compared to classic leasing, FLEX financing offers shorter terms and maximum flexibility and freedom of choice.

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Increase flash completion rate

On the store floor, on the phone, in the online store. Paperless anywhere and at any time in seconds.

Attractive added value for customers

Give your customers sustainable flexibility without taking any risks yourself.

Additional customer groups

Start-ups, freelancers and solo self-employed are also welcome.

Free of charge & cost-saving

Flexvelop pays the full invoice immediately and saves you the usual transaction costs.

Higher shopping baskets & service

Your customers can immediately afford more hardware and book additional services.

Existing customers (retention)

Retain your customers. Manage your customer base easily via Flexvelop.

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Flexvelop x La Marzocco

The perfect mix for all roasters

Together with Flexvelop and La Marzocco, you can now "flex" best coffee.

Win additional customer groups and larger shopping baskets with the FLEX payment option. This isfree of charge for you and can be used immediately.

This means that your customers can flex equipment immediately in the online store, on the store floor, via QR code, on the phone or by e-mail, paperless in seconds.

This means that you receive the full invoice amount directly from us and your customers rent flexibly in the long term. Fully automated. Around the clock.

FLEX solution

Which solution is best for
your business?

FLEX9+ / FLEX24+

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The monthly FLEX rental covers everything.
If you decide to purchase the devices, the majority of the rent you have already paid will be used as a down payment.

Flexible start or predictable growth?
The FLEX solutions are perfectly tailored to the needs of companies.
Compare the conditions and decide on your preferred solution when you accept the FLEX offer.

Find out more here!

Flex Rent

Device price (net)
plus VAT
58,33 €
Detail calculator

For customers and dealers

All-in-one solution for all

Log in to your individual merchant account and send offers to customers on your own. Without long waiting times and annoying paperwork.

In these cases, our system simply checks the creditworthiness of the natural person behind the business and, if the green light is given, gives them the benefit of the doubt.
The credit check is carried out automatically directly when the FLEX contract is concluded and is possible 24/7.

With Flexvelop, you can now also reach the customer groups of existzengründer:innen, Startups und Freiberufler:innen, which have so far usually been flatly rejected by banks and leasing companies.

Now you can really reach all customers, regardless of the maturity of the companies or other reservations of classic financing partners.

How it works

Send offers in seconds

Flexvelop Leasing Request desired device step 1
1. create quotation incl. name & price of the equipment.
Flexvelop Leasing Request desired device step 2
2. only enter the customer's email address and submit offer.
Flexvelop Leasing Request desired device step 3
The customer registers and accepts the offer. We will automatically order the desired device from you.
Flexvelop Leasing Request desired device step 4
4. once the device arrives at the customer's site, the flex rental starts.
After 9 months, the purchase & return option activates.
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